SK shieldus's efforts for environmental responsibility

SK shieldus strives to fulfill its environmental responsibility while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental contamination through energy conservation and efficient energy use.

Establishment of an eco-friendly management system

SK shieldus strives to fulfill its environmental responsibilities by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental contamination by saving and efficiently using resources and energy throughout its management activities. SK shieldus plans to build and operate a company-wide environmental management system for the implementation of responsible environmental management.

ESG Promotion Organization

  • ESG Committee

    Response to climate change, management and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improvement of energy efficiency, and establishment of eco-friendly policy implementation plans

  • ESG Division

    Response to ESG disclosure(Sustainability Management Report, etc.)

    Net Zero 2040 Strategy Establishment / Implementation

Net Zero 2040 Promotion

SK shieldus is aware of the seriousness of the environmental problems caused by climate change and intends to actively participate in government policies related to climate change to minimize its environmental impact.

Major Environmental Management Activities

  • Promotion of electric vehicle conversion to reduce CO2 from mobilized vehicles

  • Reduction of power consumption and daily wastewater in buildings and major facilities

  • Efficient recycling of waste products/equipment

Practice of a Circular Economy

  • Expansion of Waste Equipment Recycling

    Increase material recycling capacity by recovering customer equipment/materials at the end of security services and efficiently managing/repairing recovered equipment

    Daily Waste Management

    Increase the recycling rate by separating daily waste generated within the workplace, and promote the importance of separated waste disposal to employees and practice a separated waste disposal system