ESG Management System

Pursuing growth together through SKMS management

SK shieldus seeks to contribute to economic development through SKMS-based management and promote coexistence with society by creating social values.

ESG Strategy/Goal

Tech-based Life Care Platform Company

  • EEco-friendly Management System

    Establishment of an Eco-friendly Management System

    Promotion of environmental management through an eco-friendly organization

    Introduction of international standards certification and the disclosure of environmental management

    Promotion of Net Zero 2040

    Reduction of carbon emissions through physical conversion(electric/hydrogen fuel cell vehicle conversion, replacement of old equipment, etc.)

    Improvement of building energy efficiency

    Practice of a Circular Economy

    Expansion of waste product recovery and recycling

    Practice the management of the environmental impact of packaging materials

  • SContinuous Expansion of Social Safety Net

    Enhancement of SV through the Continuous Expansion of the Social Safety Net

    Expanding the social safety net through the <Life Care Platform> service

    Creation of social values through the essence of work

    Customer Experience Management

    Customer values innovation based on a customer experience management system

    Systematic management of customer risk and the protection of customer information

    Establishment of ECO shieldus

    Spread of the ESG management culture of BPs for sustainable supply chain management

    Zero safety accidents through industrial safety management

    Management of the basis for health & safety policies

    Periodic risk assessment and monitoring

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Promotion of the training on diversity and inclusiveness

    Intensification of discrimination-free employment and an open work environment

  • GResponsible & Transparent Management

    ESG Responsible Management Centered on the Board of Directors

    Strengthening the independence/diversity/professionalism of the Board of Directors

    Risk & Opportunity Management through an ESG Committee

    Trust management through risk management

    Internalization of compliance for all employees

    Intensification of ethical awareness among employees through ethical management activities

    Transparent Management

    Intensification of ESG Disclosure

    Intensification of stakeholder communications

ESG Promotion System

SK shieldus promotes ESG management led by the ESG committee under the Board of Directors to create financial and social values ​​at the same time.
By doing so, SK shieldus aims to achieve sustainable growth in which the happiness of stakeholders at present and in future form a harmony and balance.

ESG Promotion Organization

ESG-focused issue management

Importance Assessment(Materiality Assessment)

SK shieldus conducts the importance assessment to identify key ESG issues of the company.
SK shieldus identifies, responds to, and manages issues with high likelihood and impact from a risk point of view.

Step 1

Development of an Issue Pool through Environmental Analysis

Analysis of media, analysis of companies in the same field

Analysis of internal policies and goals

Global ESG evaluation and disclosure system analysis

Step 2

Importance Assessment and Prioritization

Media analysis, responsiveness analysis, stakeholder awareness

Standard analysis, analysis of companies in the same field, stakeholder awareness

Step 3

Deduction of ESG Key Issues

Deduction of ESG issues with strategic priority

ESG Committee Review

Establishment and reporting of response plans for each key issue

Materiality Map