Compliance / Ethics Counsel

Regulations on fair competition, anti-corruption, and environmental protection are getting stricter around the world,
Corporate social responsibility is becoming an important factor in corporate management.

SK shieldus introduced a compliance management program in 2016 to strengthen compliance
management to ensure the company complies with all applicable laws.

The department dedicated to the compliance management is the Legal Group and the Compliance Team. We developed CP regulations,
detailed guidelines, and training manuals and provided them to executives and staff members along with continuous training to support
compliance practice. Also, we are operating a whistleblowing system to support employees with their grievances, concerns, and inquiries.
  • Legal Group, Compliance Team

    As an organization dedicated to the CP operation of ADT CAPS led by the Chief Compliance Officer, it establishes compliance control standards and codes of conduct to support the compliance program(CP) for employees.

  • CP Highlights

    We practice compliance with fair trade, anti-corruption, environmental protection and safety, information security, and personal information protection regulations.

  • Internal Reporting System(SK Ethical Management)

    If you have witnessed or have any doubts about unfair behavior that violates all laws and company policies and regulations, you can inform and report.
    Also, it is a system that can be used by suppliers, investors, or customers other than SK shieldus employees to raise and resolve legitimate issues.

    SK Ethical Management Reporting System