Converged Security

New Security,
Converged Technology

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    The only tech-based
    Converged Security
    platform operator

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    Providing total converged security services
    that range from consulting to solution
    implementation to security monitoring

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    Customized security-specialized
    service applicable
    to various industrial sites

What is SUMiTS’ Converged Security It is a service that enables the integrated response/management of security threats occurring in various environments through a single platform. We provide the best work environment by combining the latest ICT technologies with the highest level of security services, such as physical security(dispatch/access control/security guard) and facility management(facility/environment/parking).
  • 딥러닝 얼굴 인식 이미지

    High-end Security

    • Deep learning, AI-based cardless access environment
    • AI intelligent image analysis Pre-recognition/response
    • Multi-model application to block unauthorized access
  • 사무실 전경 이미지

    Smart Office Experience

    • Easy space utilization One-pass mobile ID
    • Personally customized smart office environment
    • Digital concierge for easy and fast VOC reception
  • 현장 매니저 이미지

    Smart SHE Management

    • Securing a system for preventing and responding to various accidents that may occur within high-risk groups(construction/manufacturing/logistics, etc.)
    • Optimized system and response for the workplace, such as IoT sensing for hazardous facilities, intelligent image analysis, and worker location management
    • Establishment of a safety management system, optimized for the workplace, through adoption of IoT sensing technology for hazardous facilities, intelligent image analysis, and worker location management
  • 회의 이미지

    Advanced Facility Management

    • Improving service quality through DT(Digital Transformation) of facility management
    • Proposing an operation plan optimized for business through cluster-based manpower + system operation