Physical Security

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    The best security company
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    A business partner that protects
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    The highest level of security service
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    ICT technologies

What is physical security by ADTCAPS It is a specialized security system that protects real spaces, and its service areas include unmanned security, video surveillance, personal security, and access control. It provides thorough security services, spanning areas from disasters and crime threats in daily life, including 24-hour control, CCTV remote monitoring, AI intelligent video analysis technology, fingerprint and facial recognition technology, and access security.
  • 홈보안 장비 이미지

    Home Security

    Home security service focusing on indoor and outdoor security, such as front door, indoor, apartment complex, etc.

    CAPS Door Guard CAPS Inner Guard
  • 출동 준비하는 ADT 보안 요원 이미지

    Unmanned Security

    Support for real-time monitoring of security areas and quick dispatch support with 24-hour control and CCTV remote monitoring.

  • ADT CCTV 이미지

    Video Surveillance

    Safe security area monitoring with high-definition CCTV and AI intelligent video analysis technology.

    CAPS View Guard CAPS View Guard Cloud CAPS View Guard AI
  • 출입 보안 솔루션이 설치된 출입구 이미지

    Access Control

    Solving everything from Access Control to time and attendance management at once, using fingerprint and facial recognition technology and body temperature measurement solutions.

    CAPS Attendance Control CAPS Mobile Access Control CAPS Smart Check CAPS Smart Walk-in
  • 솔루션이 설치된 매장 전경 이미지

    Retail Solution

    We provide an optimal store operation solution with high-definition CCTV and a high-performance product theft prevention system.

    Product Theft Prevention People Counting Digital Display CAPS Sound by BOSE
  • ADT 경비 요원 뒷모습 이미지

    Professional Security Service

    Absolute safety escort service by professional security personnel, from VIP protocols to protection of important items

    Personal Protection Escort·Convoy Security Facility Security Self-defense CPR Lecture