Safety & Care

Providing Daily Comfort

  • 01

    The value of reassurance and safety for
    individuals, families and society

  • 02

    Life care that improves the quality of life by taking
    the lead in building a social safety net

  • 살균 작업 이미지

    Disinfection/Pest Control/

    A professional sterilization and control service that sterilizes against bacteria and viruses and eliminates pests and insects

    CAPS Cleancare
  • 주차장에 출입중인 차량 이미지

    Parking • Vehicle Management

    Real-time vehicle location/status information, real-time temperature monitoring, and car-sharing services

    CAPS SafeCar CAPS Smart Mobility Tmap Parking
  • 무인화 기기 일러스트 이미지

    Unmanned Solution

    Unmanned system services optimized for the provision of unmanned solutions for stores, supermarkets, cafes, etc.

    CAPS Unmanned Safe Store