Connect Everything,
Secure Everything

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    No.1 Korea cybersecurity
    service provider based on
    the best technology and knowledge

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    The highest level of
    information protection system with
    proven professional competence

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    Customized one-stop
    security service optimized
    for the customer’s environment

What is infosec's Cybersecurity It is the optimal solution for flexible and agile responses to
rapidly changing advanced cyber threats.
24/7 monitoring and protection against cyber attacks, provision of telecommuting infrastructure, information protection service support, etc. We provide thorough security services to prevent and respond to viruses and hacking faster.
  • 보안관제 모니터링 이미지

    Managed Security Service

    24/7 monitoring and protection against cyber attacks

  • 보안컨설팅 회의 이미지

    Security Consulting

    Consulting support including incident response, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment based on 20 years of know-how

  • 웹 전문가 그룹 이미지


    Preventive solution against web server and external attacks

  • "Verification" 사이버가드 이미지

    Cyber Guard

    Preventive solution against web server and external attacks

  • 재택근무를 하는 사람 이미지

    Office Home

    Provision of IT infrastructure for telecommuting, support for information protection service

  • 모바일 가드 앱 이미지

    Mobile Guard

    Search and respond to malicious information in smartphones

Beyond Security,
Be Your Trust

We are developing new services in line with the changes of the times and the needs of companies,
and providing such services for a wide range of customer companies.

  • Secudium detects and responds to advanced cyber threats based on various security event log analysis.

    Secudium Center is an intelligent security operation center where proactively monitors cyber threats and response to the incidents in real-time .

    • Real-time operation visibility & monitoring
    • 5,200 synchronized security devices
    • Manage 4 Billion security events in daily basis
  • EQST Security Expert Group

    EQST(Experts, Qualified Security Team, EQST) is a group of top-notch security experts
    who have been proven in the fields of cyber threat analysis and research.

    This group focuses on breach threat research activities, along with business execution such as
    incident response, strategic hacking, vulnerability assessment, and threat intelligence.

  • Cloud Security

    We provide a secure and continuous cloud environment with the support of
    a proven cloud control platform and a group of security experts.

    • Cloud Security Control
    • Implementation of SI/Solution

    • Operation Service
    • Cloud Security Consulting